Everyone has probably received their St. John's county BLUE recycled bin by now. The question is where to place them during the days before pick-up. The HOA is treating the storing of these large bins as we do garbage cans/receptacles. 

Please place your BLUE recycle bin hidden from view from the street during non-collection days. This may be accomplished by placing the bin in the back yard, on the side of the house (blocked from view) or in the garage. 

On the day of pick-up, please follow the St. John's recycle bin collection procedure:  Place bin in the street close to the curb with arrows on top of bin facing the street. 

And, as always, thank you for keeping The Meadows at World Golf Village a beautiful community in which to live!

Storing Your Blue Recycle Bins

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The residences in our neighborhood include law enforcement (approximately 15 local and state officers), medical professionals, teachers, business owners and military retirees that make up some of our outstanding community.

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